2007: Wok the Boat

Don't touch that lamp ... it might touch you back

When Chinese take-away shop co-owner Aladdin discovers a magical lamp containing a rather effeminate genie, his life is turned upside down. The ladies from the Temple of the Voluptuous Virgins are trying to convince local mob boss Mac the Knife not to knock down their temple to expand his Cabaret club, and The King of Pirates seems to have taken a liking to Aladdin’s sister …

The cast included Chris Wilson as Aladdin, Geraldine Ryan as Suzie, Neil Smith as Mac the Knife, John Gibbons as Sol, Bill Muller as Louie, Matt Austin as the Pirate King, Kit Ryan as the Genie, Margaret Kanaley as Rose, Jane Davis as Lulu, Robyn Hillam as Pearl, Wendy Goff as Ethel, Julie Ryan as Prudence, Kay Bird as Muriel, and Nick Belling, Michael Smith and David Carter as the Pirate crew, and also included Jock Hamilton and Megan Callow.