2005: Sheerluck Holmes

Join us at Baker Street for another thrilling mystery

Set within the framework of late Victorian England, this musical is an hilariously extravagant send-up on the great detective and the ever-bumbling Watson! With such characters as Greasy Pierre (the French butler), Colonel Horatio Bagshot, Virginia Huntington-Smythe and many, many police-men, you’ll love the foggy, dark humour of this murder mystery. The music has a very appropriate ensemble jazz feel, too.

Who done it? Why, it’s elementary!

Sheerluck Holmes starred Neil Smith, Scott Churchill, Geraldine Ryan, Chris Wilson, Margaret Kanaley, Jock Hamilton, Shona Pratt, Kit Ryan, Jane Davis, Andrew Pickette, Bill Muller, John Gibbons, Wendy Goff, Jock Commins, Matt Austin, Nick Belling, David Merrin, Rose Merrin, Christine Gammon, Megan Callow, Kay Bird, Bronwen Mallaby, Tracy Leak, Nicole Ryan and Don Pratt as Special Guest Star Superman.

Crew consisted of Jeanne Pratt (director), Jill Dale (stage manager), David Carter (floor manager), Ben Pepper, Jarrod Hogan, Andy Black, Nick Belling (lighting/sound), Jude Hillam, Denise Smith (costumes), Justin Maloney, Tim Pratt, The Junee Brass Band, Robyn Hillam (music), Cheryl Carter, Joanne Belling (tickets), Gaylene Crabtree, Fiona Hamilton (hall design), Julie Ryan, Maria Muller, Amber Hillam (makeup), Don Pratt (stage/set construction) and Ros Hamilton (prompt).