2011: Bloody Hell

Enter at your own risk ...

Castle Frankenstein is a strange, strange place.

When Baron Victor von Frankenstein (Ray Toohey) devises an antidote to cure all ills, all of the world’s misfits appear on his doorstep, begging him to cure their oddities, much to the displeasure of his wife Elizabeth (Jane Davis).

Harry Talbot (James Croker) is a man who suffers from an occasional bout of lycanthropy, the Countess Ilona Bathory (Julie Ryan) is a vampire who would rather be mortal, and Count Vlad Dracula (Chris Wilson) is desperate to find a way out of his lovesickness. Also showing up on the Baron’s door is songstress Isabel Channing (Nicole Ryan) who is being constantly pursued by the mysterious P.O.O. (Neil Smith).

Assisting the Baron are his ever-loyal staff, including hunchback Ygor (John Gibbons), Valkyrie Frau Lurker (Marie Knight) and mad scientist Bunsen (Nick Belling). Also eager to assist, but perhaps not as capable, are the Baron’s live experiments, such as Frankenstein’s Monster (Wendy Goff), a table-turned-dog (Matt Austin), the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Weeping Angel (Megan Callow) as well as some other botched samples (Kit Ryan, Kay Bird, Glenne Robertson).