2009: Silo View Retirement Village

Being on the way out has never been so fun!

When all you have to look forward to is the next administration of a suppository, life can be pretty glum.

The residents of Silo View Retirement Village plod through their every day with regular checkups by their general practitioner, Doctor Inyourendo (Matt Austin), hand massages by the sultry Nurse Ratchet (Nicole Ryan), and elaborate exercise routines with their enthusiastic bingo caller, Bruce (Nick Belling). But when the residents of Silo View overhear a plan by Hugh (Chris Wilson) and Victor (James Croker) to make some radical modifications to the village using money swindled from Fifi (Julie Ryan), their excitement can hardly be contained.

Silo View hosts a wealth of intriguing characters such as the forgetful Merv (Ray Toohey), his caring wife Violet (Marg Kanaley), and their best friends Harry (Neil Smith) and his nagging wife Flo (Jane Davis). But that’s not all; there’s echolalia sufferer Gerty (Wendy Goff), Parkinson’s sufferer Muriel (Glenne Robertson) and everything sufferer Gladys (Kay Bird). Shoe fetishist Imelda (Megan Callow) has a hard time reigning in her sex addicted husband Bill (Bill Muller), whose best friend Herb (John Gibbons) seems to be getting more action than he is – first with the cleaner Vera (Andrew Pickette), before jumping to Muriel, and even trying his luck with new unwilling resident Sylvie (Geraldine Ryan). It’s a surprise he doesn’t have a go at the enthusiastic Doris (Alex Barry), whose unlikely offsider Agatha (Marie Knight) certainly doesn’t approve of her promiscuity.

But none of them seem to notice the Council Inspector (David Carter) wandering around the village …